Our cutting-edge mask is the new secret to clearer, and more youthful looking skin.

This mask features three wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck. It also incorporates the use of galvanic currents to further enhance results.


  • Infra-red Red (630nm and 830nm)
  • Blue (415nm and 830nm)
  • Purple (415nm, 630nm and 830nm)

LED light therapy is a clinically proven effective and safe treatment. Originally developed by NASA , it was noticed that astrounauts working under LED in space had much faster healing properties. Studies were carried out which found that different color LED lights penetrate to different levels in the skin and causes a range of positive effects on the skins ageing and healing processes.

Blue LED Light
ANTI BACTERIAL – 415nm + 830nm

Reduction in Acne
Prevention of Breakouts
Kills Bacteria on Skin
Clears Blemishes
Prevents Oily Skin

Red LED Light
ANTI AGEING – 630nm + 830nm

Increased Collagen Production
Increased Elasticity
Wrinkle Reduction
Tighter and Youthful Skin
Reduces Rosacea
Aids in the Recovery of Chemical Peels
Heals Sun Damaged Skin

Purple LED Light
415nm + 630nm + 830nm

Reduces Swelling
Speeds up recovery after Botox and Fillers
Stimulates mitochondrial and ATP within the skin cells, which creates and extends the life of anti-ageing enzymes